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Saint Bernadette is a vibrant faith community.  We welcome those who want to practice their faith in a warm, inviting parish.

If you would like to register to become a member of our parish, you may either stop by the foyer between the Church and the school the second Sunday of every month after each of the Masses. A member of our parish’s Welcome Committee will be there to greet you and help you with any questions. If these times do not work for you, please see Cheryl Benson in the parish office during the weekdays for registration forms and information sheets.

We welcome anyone into our community whether you are in residential or religious transition, having been coming for a while to Mass but have not registered, are in need of Sacraments, or just wanting a friendly, active, welcoming parish!

Welcome Committee

Our Welcome Committee members are available to answer any questions you may have about the parish, sacraments, faith formation, organizations and ministries, or anything else!  Please feel free to reach out to any of us

Barbara Trolley, Committee Leader

Jean Dulak

Sue Jantzi

Kathleen Peron

JoMarie Duffy Bleech

Jon Lake [bilingual]


St. Bernadette’s has been such a blessing in my life. She is a community of faith, friends, and family. Daily and live stream masses have been a source of comfort especially during Covid. Priests and staff are very accessible for all your spiritual and other needs. It is truly a parish family.

JoMarie Duffy Bleech

My husband Jim and I have been parishioners for over 40 years. We have 4 adult children and 3 of them are also parishioners along with our grandchildren. We have been involved with the parish school and also the religious education program. We have found our parish to be very inclusive and many programs are offered to help us grow in our faith. There are many ways to be involved in parish life so take advantage of the opportunity to become a part of our parish community. You will get to meet many kind and caring and faith filled people who will become your friends and companions on your journey.

A Happy Parishioner

My family, which consists of my husband Ron, and our five grown children, has been a member of St. Bernadette Church for over fifteen years. Every priest that has been here has had a sound theological basis, practical and engaging homilies, and a wonderful sense of humor! It is so nice to be able to see priests, have them know who you and be there to listen. The office staff is also very accessible, helpful, and friendly. Having lived through celebrations, crises, and deaths, I can attest to the extensive caring expressed by the clergy, staff members and parishioners (e.g., bringing us meals or coming to the hospital at midnight). This is a parish where you will feel a strong sense of welcome and community.

Barbara Trolley

My husband, Frank and I became Parishioners of St Bernadette's during COVID. I love to attend daily mass and receive the Eucharist so COVID was truly devastating in so many ways when Churches were shut down. Fr Paul and Fr Bob were so amazing in all they did to support, connect, and sustain all who needed help and assistance. St Bernadette Church was a true "LifeLine" for us and so many others. We are so thankful that we now have Fr Joe at the helm with Fr Bob, Sr Colleen along with the wonderful helpful staff to carry on all the programs and ministries offered at St Bs! It has been an amazing "HOME" to us and to so many. Prayers that you all will find this out for yourselves & don't hesitate to reach out for help or assistance.

Jean Dulak

We relocate very often and arrived to WNY in the summer of 2020. Due to COVID protocols, our registration at St. Bernadette’s was delayed until April 2021. I’ve learned that if you approach coming to a new parish community with an open heart & open mind & take the time to investigate all that it has to offer & make an effort to meet people, it’s amazing what can happen. Everyone I have met, starting from that very first day, has been extremely welcoming! My motto for happiness is grow where you are planted. I am blessed to have found St. Bernadette’s, where I was truly welcomed, starting from Day 1. I try to share that welcoming spirit with others & contribute in positive ways that help to enhance this wonderful, giving, active, growing, faithful, thoughtful, accessible parish community. God bless you & please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Carmen Cervantes

Pat and I moved to Hamburg in the spring of 1985 and joined Saint Bernadette soon after. Our sons were 9 and 3. From the very beginning, we found a place where our family could grow spiritually within a caring and welcoming community. There were ministries and activities in which we could all participate. It did not take long for us to feel at home.

Ann Heraty

I absolutely am in love with Saint Bernadette’s! I love the deep sense of God that I feel inside the Church. I love going to mass; the homilies from Fr Joe always make me cry a little, laugh a little and give me something to think about. I love the generosity of parish members and how they all come together to help each other and solve any urgent needs. I love the welcoming Spirit everyone shows for new and seasoned members. And I love the small and large opportunities to get to know people. This church definitely embraces the Catholic creed, “and they will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another” (Jn 13:35)

Kathy Peron

We joined St Bernadette Church in about the early 1990s when their children were about to start school at Charlotte Ave School. Our 3 children were all baptized at another local Catholic Church. A few of our friends had family’s and belonged to St Bernadette Church and loved it. They encouraged me to try it. Fr. Nugent was pastor and was very warm and welcoming. We joined after only attending two masses! Our children received their other sacraments here, all became altar servers, my daughters sang in church mice choir, I taught religion for 2 years, and then became a Eucharistic minister. It is a very special ministry. I have recently signed up as an Adoration adorer, sub since I still work Part time. We love St. Bernadette Church! There are many things one can help with or join depending how much time one has and what stage of their life they are in. We love Fr. Joe’s masses and homilies and those of our many guest priests. We have a nice youth group too now to attract our younger people which is so important. They will be the future of our church!

Sue Jantzi

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