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Saint Bernadette proudly supports food producers and artisans that observe Fair Trade standards.  Fair Trade is a way of doing business that ultimately aims to keep small farmers an active part of the world marketplace, and aims to empower consumers to make purchases that support their values. Fair Trade is a set of business practices voluntarily adopted by the producers and buyers of agricultural commodities and hand-made crafts that are designed to advance many economic, social and environmental goals.

Fair Trade products are for sale in the parish office and in the church-school foyer, and are offered through Equal Exchange, an organization that has sought to balance the playing field for small, independent producers and artisans since 1986.

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Saint Bernadette sells coffee, tea, chocolate bars, and occasionally hot chocolate or something else fun!

Stop in to see what's in stock.


Chocolate bars (dark, milk, and non dairy):  $2.40

Boxes of tea (20 bags):  $3.00

Boxes of K-cup coffee (regular and decaf):  $6.50

Ground coffee (regular and decaf, multiple flavors):  $7.00

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