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Saint Bernadette Catholic Church is a vibrant and growing community. We are always looking for new volunteers to help at Masses, events, and support us in prayer! All ministries serve on a rotating schedule, typically with a partner or on a team.  Check out the information below and fill out the interest form to get involved. 

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist on the Altar during Mass.  Anyone who has made their first communion can receive training to become an altar server.

- - CONTACT - -

Rachel Neff

(716) 649-3090



Lectors proclaim the Word of God during mass.  Training is offered and prayerful preparation is encouraged.

- - CONTACT - -

Larry Gollwitzer

(716) 662-2224


Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers assist in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass, and bring communion to those who cannot attend.

- - CONTACT - -

Nancy Janiszeski

(716) 912-6538



Ushers maintain an environment of hospitality at Mass by assisting with seating, helping those with special needs, and distributing bulletins.

- - CONTACT - -

Rich Podkulski

(716) 572-2910



Greeters offer a warm welcome to everyone walking through the doors for Mass.

- - CONTACT - -

Joyce Pinto

(716) 649-0810

Person reading missal

Liturgy Committee

The liturgy committee plans and prepares Masses throughout the year, including ceremonies, decorations, and special events.

- - CONTACT - -

Mary Ann Inglefinger

(716) 675-0455



Music Ministers lead the congregation in song during the Mass. We have several music groups that are always welcoming new members!

- - CONTACT - -

Each group has a different contact person.  Click below to visit our Music Ministry page.

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