We are not here to guard a museum, but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life!

[Pope Saint John XXIII]

During the summer months, we ask you to help us prepare for the upcoming Faith Formation year by reviewing the parent information flyer, and completing and returning our registration packet.  The flyer also contains information about summer gatherings and activities.

We are in need of catechists at all age levels.  If you are interested in this ministry, please click below to contact our office.  May God bless you!

2022-2023 Faith Formation Programs Information

Saint Bernadette offers Faith Formation programs throughout our journey of faith, from Kindergarten through adulthood. The parish also offers an adaptive needs formation program for God's children who need a different environment in which to experience their faith. Click below to learn about each of our wonderful programs.

We are always looking for volunteer catechists to help our young people along in their spiritual journey.  If you feel called to this ministry, please contact the parish office.