Classroom Formation

Due to the Coronavirus, faith formation for grades K-6 will take place remotely for now. We will reevaluate the situation in December and decide then if we can return safely to in-person classes next semester. Click on your child's grade below for information to aid you in home formation. 


We use the Allelu series for Kindergarten. This program utilizes interactive sheets to use as mealtime place-mats at home. These offer structure and support for important family rituals such as eating together, praying together, reading Scripture and talking about faith.

1st, 4th, 5th, 6th

We use the Blest are We workbooks for first, fourth, fifth and sixth grade, 

For youth, the website offers activity sheets for each chapter, puzzles, quizzes and virtual pilgrimages. For parents, there is a saint of the month, a question for the week (select year C) and a summary overview for each grade. Your children will bring home the chapter they learned about each week. We ask that you review, reinforce, and go over the GET CONNECTED pages with your child to prepare them for the next session.

2nd Grade
3rd Grade